The Kohlman Evaluation of Living Skills (KELS)

By Linda Kohlman Thompson

Wiki Created By: Ashley Widrig, OTS

The Kohlman Evaluation of Living Skills (KELS) is a standardized test designed to determine a person’s ability to function in basic living skills. It can be used to create recommendations for appropriate living situations of the client. The administration usually lasts about 30 to 45 minutes and combines questions and tasks. There are 17 basic living skills tested under 5 areas: Self-Care, Safety and Health, Money Management, Transportation and Telephone, and Work and Leisure.

Equipment List:

  • Reading and Writing Form (included)
  • Pencil
  • Household Situation Pictures (included)
  • Phone books
  • Deck of Cards- included $1.58 price tag should be attached to deck of cards
  • Bar of Soap
  • 2 One Dollar Bills
  • Small amount of change that includes: 1 Half Dollar, 2 Quarters,1 Dime, and 4 Pennies
  • Budget Form (included)
  • Checking Account Form (included)
  • Savings Account Form (included)
  • Bill (can be from a phone, electricity, etc...)
  • Taxi Company Card- Print or type the name of a selected Taxi company, that is included in the yellow and white pages, on a sturdy card
  • Connected Telephone
  • Recorded Message Card- Print or type the name of selected a phone number with a recorded message, such as the movie theater, on a sturdy card
  • Provided Score Sheet

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